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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions from new students about real estate education in South Carolina from the Real Estate School of Charleston. Please also do not hesitate to contact us with any questions not answered on this page. In addition to the below information, click here for an overview of the steps involved to get your Real Estate License in South Carolina.

1. How do I obtain a license to practice real estate?

State law requires that you complete an approved Unit I: 60 Hour Fundamentals of Real Estate Course, designed to prepare you for the licensing exam. After completing the Unit I course, you would send your application to the South Carolina Real Estate Commission, then make an appointment to take the state exam. Also, click here to see step-by-step how to obtain your South Carolina Real Estate License.

2. What does your real estate education in South Carolina course cost?

The Unit I class is * $399.00 *includes textbook. The Unit II class is *$299.00 *includes textbook.

3. What about the exam?

The exam costs $63.00 (subject to change). There are various exam sites throughout the state. Example: North Charleston. The exams are administered Monday through Saturday, excluding major holidays, by appointment. It is a two-part, multiple choice exam.

4. When are where are the classes held?

Classes are held at our Mt. Pleasant location. We offer monthly morning and evening classes.

5. In order to obtain my license, do I need a broker or real estate company to sponsor me?

It is not necessary to have a broker/company sponsor you in order to take classes or the exam. However, to be licensed, it is mandatory to be affiliated with a broker/real estate company. As of January 1, 2017, a licensee applicant may take the state license exam given by the PSI testing center after completing the initial Unit I course, but will not be issued a license until the completion of the Unit II 30 Hour Advanced Real Estate Principles Course.

6. Now that I am registered for class, what do I need to bring to class?

Just bring something to take notes with. You will receive your book on the first day of class.

7. What is the Unit II 30 Hour Advanced Real Estate Principles Course?

A licensee applicant will not be issued a license until completion of the Unit II 30 Hour Advanced Real Estate Principles Course. The Unit II course is a 30 hour course that does not have an exit exam as does the Unit I course.

8. When may I take the Unit II course?

You may take the Unit II course as soon as you complete Unit I.

9. When should I register for the Unit II class?

You may register for the Unit II class at the same time as the Unit I class if you would like to secure a spot in a particular Unit II class. Just make sure that the Unit II class start date is after the last day of the Unit I class for which you register. In other words, as stated in above Number 8, you must complete the Unit I class before taking the Unit II class.

10. Why should I choose The Real Estate School of South Carolina at Charleston for my real estate education in South Carolina?

We are a franchise of one of the oldest and most successful independent providers of real estate education in South Carolina. Even our competitors have trained with us! Your success is vitally important to us. As an independent, proprietary school, we are dedicated to providing the finest courses exclusively for South Carolina real estate professionals and new licensees. Learn from the most experienced and highly respected real estate instructors in South Carolina - only at the original Real Estate School! We have helped thousands of students learn how to be successful in the real estate industry. Let us teach YOU!

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